AWS Case Study- Kazuhiro Mori

Kazuhiro Mori Benefits from Flexibility, Responsiveness, and Uptime with AWS

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Migrating to AWS transforms the customer experience impeccably as it offers technologies for integrating applications, running code, and managing data precisely. This case study throws light on the power of AWS and the impact it possesses to drive continuous innovation, technology, and platform improvements to offer an inventive and clever user experience.

Kazuhiro Mori Case Study

The Challenge

Before migrating to AWS, Kazuhiro Mori, an eCommerce website for eyewear, faced issues in an attempt to effectively control site traffic and its user base on the website. Concerns were also raised on handling costs efficiently while network security was another looming dilemma that took precedence. Besides these issues, attention was needed on a myriad of status resources such as media files that were expected to be rendered at a rapid pace while also making them easily accessible to the user.

The Solution

Taking into account these rising issues around network security, agility and downtime, Kazuhiro Mori made a conscious decision to select AWS Cloud Services, as its preferred cloud provider for increasing flexibility, managing analytics, and machine learning workload. We at SJ Innovation also began to set a plan in place to responsibly migrate to CI/CD AWS services. We offered Kazuhiro Mori factual and legitimate reasons to use Elastic Beanstalk or EC2 for the computation layer to host the files that are required to be rendered to the user.
Kazuhiro Mori- The Solution
To handle the traffic demand and website load, we suggested using auto-scaling with load balancing. To meet quick load for media files and storage, AWS S3 was a wise choice with CloudFront distribution. Moving forward, to automate the development and deployment, we recommended CI/CD which involved codecommit for version control, and codepipeline for releasing the new versions of the platforms.
AWS Case Study- Kazuhiro Mori
AWS Case Study- Kazuhiro Mori
Lastly, for robust network security, we used AWS Certificate Manager, and to point to the domain we used route 53. All in all, these processes were ideal to unlock AWS’s transformational potential for Kazuhiro Mori eCommerce website to reach new heights!
AWS Case Study- Kazuhiro Mori
AWS Case Study- Kazuhiro Mori
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