AWS Cloud Service

Moving your business to the cloud is essential in today's working environment. Managers and employees need to access apps, files, documents, and more with lightning speed from anywhere. Maintaining your operations on an AWS cloud ensures optimal productivity - but there is always the concern of issues that may hinder efficiency. 

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We offer a complete support package for AWS Cloud ensuring your business operations continue to run smoothly. Let our experienced team guarantee 100% uptime with up-to-date security protocols. Take solace that your organization will always remain online and protected.


Offered services

Amazon S3
Amazon RDS
Amazon VPC
Amazon EFS
Amazon EBS
AWS Config
Amazon EC2
Manage Devops
AWS CloudTrail
Amazon Inspector
Amazon Route 53
AWS Auto Scaling
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon CloudFront
AWS CloudFormation
Manage Cloud Support
AWS Certificate Manager
Amazon CloudWatch EC2
Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

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