Secret skills of a Perfect Team

Secret Skills Needed By a Perfect Team


We are a software testing team of 16 members. Our job is to provide client, a quality product i.e. to prevent their application from major defects. What does quality means to you? Is it to have good skills? Definitely No.. You need to have a right team along with the good skills.

Most of the companies fail to build a strong and united team. Main reason being "Lack of involvement", "Lack of knowledge sharing", "Negative attitude", "Misuse of position" & “Ignorance” which is a fact . Even we had the same attitude among our team members. We had 2 different teams working for 2 different clients and the approach towards work was different, there was lack of knowledge sharing, ego problem and lack of involvement and the end result was “No Quality Work”.

Being the Team Leads, we realized that managing and guiding team members is not our only job since we perform different type of testing, work with different clients but eventually we are one team and yes we walked extra miles to build a strong & united team for which results seen in team getting transformed.

Do you really want to know what our secrets are?

Secret #1: Team Structure and Communication flow:

There was lack of involvement and of knowledge sharing, So we introduced mentors within our team who were well experienced which helped us improve the quality of work and communication within team members.

Secret skills of a Perfect Team

Secret #2: Effective QA Quiz Competition

We introduced QA quiz competition and created 3 teams under 3 mentors which helped us to increase their interpersonal relationship within team.

Secret skills of a Perfect Team

Secret #3: We are there for you

We have monthly training sessions for team members. We follow Agile process to achieve our team members goals in small blocks, team members share their knowledge by giving presentations and also employees engagements via meetings.

These are few tips we implemented to make our team A Perfect and One Team within our company. What tips do you have to make a Perfect Team within a company?

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