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Nilesh Warad
The Crucial Connection: Why User Experience (UX) Matters in QA Testing

Why is UX so crucial, you might ask? Simple - the success of a product or service depends heavily on user satisfaction. If a software application or website fails to meet the needs and expectations of its users, it will inevitably lead to failure.

Akshay Naik
How to Build an OpenAI Chatbot with ReactJS and NodeJS

Have you ever wondered how to build AI products? We don’t blame you. After all, chatbots have drastically changed how companies engage with their customers. They not only offer immediate assistance but also lessen the workload on customer care teams and improve the user experience.

Mehedi Hasan
Designing E-mail Modules in Figma that Leave a Lasting Impression!

The modern workplace simply cannot do without emails. It’s the style in which modern communication works. For businesses, it establishes a direct line of communication with their customers and is known to generate leads and drive conversions.