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Paresh Bagi
 Don't Launch Your Products Before You Ask These Usability Testing Questions!

Developing an app isn’t easy and that’s putting it mildly. After all, emotion is crucial to the user experience and when these emotions turn negative and hostile towards your app, you know things are going to go downhill from there.

Vaibhav Nagvekar
Web Scraping vs API: Which is the Best Way to Extract Data?

Do you know that one of the most common ways to extract data from websites is through web scraping? The other common method is APIs. How do you know which one suits your business needs the best? Well, it all depends on which one suits your extraction needs the best.

Rashi Tiwari
Test Maintenance in Automation: Strategies for Dealing with Dynamic UIs

Automation testing has become an integral part of modern software development processes, as it helps teams ensure the reliability and quality of their software products.