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Project Risk Management

Mujammal Haque
Project Risk Management

Project risk is not a new word in the Software Development world. Every software development project contains elements of uncertainty e.g: budget, resource, deadline, scope, technology etc, this is known as project risk.

Emotional Intelligence in Project Management

Arif Islam
Role of Emotional Intelligence in Project Management

Project Management can often be hectic and that can lead to outburst of emotions that we may regret later. It is important that we practice emotional intelligence and keep working on it on a regular basis. There are many things to be learnt and understood but I want to touch base on 7 things that I try to practice:

The Significance and Benefits of Project Manager Meetings

Viktor Kalinchuk
Why Project Manager Meetings are Important

To fully appreciate the value of attending bi-weekly Project Manager meetings, it is important, in the first instance, to take a step back and consider what exactly Project Management is, then the benefits that each individual PM can gain from these meetings, should become much more clear.