4 Ways to Motivate Employees During This Pandemic

4 Ways to Motivate Employees During This Pandemic

Volunteering in local community initiatives can help your startup or agency to grow. Employees who render their services to these initiatives should constantly get motivated since it helps them serve the community better. According to a Gallup survey, organizations with motivated employees in their ranks are likely to be more profitable than those whose employees are unmotivated.

Currently, the world is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. Volunteers are the backbone of the charities and organizations that serve local communities. However, maintaining the motivation of these essential workers can be challenging. If you're struggling to maintain high motivation levels among employees who are serving the community, there are a couple of tips that you can use to keep motivation levels high. These include:

Establish What Motivates Them

Have you ever asked yourself about things that get your employees out of bed every morning? Well, you cannot motivate your team members if you don't know what they are passionate about. Great leaders always show an interest in their team members' dreams, desires, and sources of motivation.

Once you understand what motivates each team member, it will be easier for you to keep them engaged and interested in your initiatives. Besides, you'll be able to spot or create community service opportunities that correspond with those interests.

Show Respect

It takes bravery to participate in community outreach initiatives. The most essential aspect of managing employees who are serving the community is showing them respect. At SJ Innovation, we've been trying to help out mosques that were closed in New York City where we're based during the ongoing pandemic.

We understand that our employees give up their time and resources to further our philanthropic causes. Therefore, we endeavor to show them respect since this is an integral component of building empathy with them, as well as earning their trust.

Communication is Key

Employees can only serve the community better if they have a sense of direction, more so at the start of their service. Before they embark on a community initiative, ensure that employees get an opportunity to air their views. Likewise, you should always provide supervision and support, especially if you're bestowing new roles to them. This way, they will feel that they are appreciated.

You also need to implement an open-door policy. As the team leader, try to be as accessible and approachable at all times. This will encourage those working under you to feel comfortable about consulting you when they have any concerns or questions. Likewise, ensure that you regularly "check-in" with them.

Foster Team Spirit

You should try to nurture a sense of commonality within your team. When employees become more comfortable around each other, they will certainly be more productive in their service to the community. You can build team spirit by, for instance, hosting regular gatherings that enable your team members to know each other better. Such meet-ups will also help them share ideas on how to undertake their community work more effectively.

It's equally important to encourage the personal development of individual team members. Often, volunteers render their services to the community wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, very little investment is made towards their personal development. Employees can serve the community better if they have a good understanding of their roles. This can only be achieved through personal development and training.

Stay Pious with the SJ Mosque MVP App

Mosques are among prayer venues that were closed to curb the spread of COVID-19. Consequently, we developed the SJ Mosque masjid app that provides accurate prayer timings, live mosque sessions, as well as direct communication with Imams, thus keeping you connected to The Creator. Get the app today so that you never miss any prayer.


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