SJ Innovation Teams Up with IVolunteer International to Revive the IVolunteerNow Platform

SJ Innovation Teams Up with IVolunteer International to Revive the IVolunteerNow Platform

SJ Innovation is thrilled to embark on an exciting new partnership with ‘IVolunteer International Inc’. Our vision? To breathe new life into the ‘IVolunteerNow’ app, a platform dedicated to connecting volunteers with community projects.


Why Joining Forces with IVolunteer International Matters?

joining forces with IVolunteer International

It’s a noteworthy milestone. After all, in a world where community support and volunteering have become the need of the hour, the partnership between SJ Innovation LLC and IVolunteer International Inc. marks a crucial step towards enhancing volunteer engagement. 


Revitalizing IVolunteerNow in the Pandemic Era


Regenerate IVolunteer


Originally conceived as the flagship project of IVolunteer International, the IVolunteerNow app was in its beta testing phase when the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, presenting unprecedented challenges worldwide. Recognizing the urgent need for an inclusive and accessible platform to link volunteers with opportunities, especially during a time of decreased in-person interactions, IVolunteer International embarked on the initiative to revamp IVolunteerNow.


The Collaboration: Transforming Vision into Reality


SJI & IVolunteer Collaboration


‘Nipuna Ambanpola’, Executive Director of ‘IVolunteer International’, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "I wish we had designed and launched the app before the pandemic. Of course, no one could plan for a pandemic like that. But better late than never, so I’m excited to finally publish it to the world so that when someone wants to take action, they don’t have to feel helpless ever again."


Selecting the Ideal Partner: SJ Innovation

Responding to the evolving landscape and the growing emphasis on local and organic support, ‘IVolunteer International’ initiated a Request for Proposal in September 2023. Following a meticulous selection process, SJ Innovation, headquartered in New York City, secured the contract. SJ Innovation, known for leveraging technology for social impact, is poised to collaborate closely with IVolunteer International to deliver an enhanced and user-centric platform.


Project Commencement and Expectations


Expectations from the partnership


‘Shahed Islam’, CEO of SJ Innovation, expressed delight about being awarded the contract, affirming, "I’m ecstatic that SJ Innovation is awarded the contract to develop IVolunteerNow App. At SJ Innovation, our culture revolves around leveraging technology for social impact. Partnering with IVolunteer International aligns perfectly with our vision of using our expertise to empower communities globally. We look forward to contributing our technical proficiency to enhance IVolunteerNow for a seamless and impactful volunteer experience."

The project is scheduled to commence in late November, with completion anticipated by mid-2024.


About IVolunteer International and SJ Innovation LLC

IVolunteer International and SJ Innovation

IVolunteer International is a volunteer advocacy tech-nonprofit organization based in Savannah, Georgia, recognized as a Platinum Seal nonprofit organization on Guidestar and a Top-Rated Nonprofit on Greatnonprofits. It is also affiliated with the Volunteer Groups Alliance and associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications.

Established in 2004 as a family business, SJ Innovation has grown into a globally acclaimed technology firm with offices in New York, Ukraine, India, and Bangladesh. With a diverse team of over 170 professionals dedicated to driving positive change through technology, SJ Innovation remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower communities and foster social change through rigorous software delivery processes and transparent communication.


Forging a Path Towards Impactful Volunteerism

This partnership between SJ Innovation and IVolunteer International signifies a promising venture towards cultivating volunteerism and enabling impactful community engagement, further solidifying the commitment of both organizations to fostering social change through technology.

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