Acquia Partners with SJ Innovation to Build Digital Experiences Transformatively and Intelligently

Searching for a captivating digital experience that creates growth and lasting value? SJ Innovation partners with Acquia to offer unique and engaging web experiences that leave a mark! Together, we have helped customers deliver innovative, customer-friendly outcomes and real business impact. With cleverly crafted services for business needs, Acquia cloud deployment, and Drupal implementation — we create powerful moments that strike a chord in customers' minds.
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About Acquia

Acquia is an open-source digital experience company that equips the most renowned and ambitious brands and companies in the world to embrace innovation and devise customer moments that leave a solid impression. Acquia instigates digital freedom as the platform skilfully blends the flexibility of Drupal with the only Open Marketing Cloud in the world. The result? An uncompromised and unbeatable enterprise Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

The upside of using Acquia

Offers personalized content that converts

Obtain powerful customer analytics, customer journey builder, and personalization solutions to ensure authentic experiences that reach the right target audience.

Multi-site management pushes digital expansion forward

Acquia simplifies offering digital experiences at scale with low-code tools while keeping security and governance at top priority so users can use easy multi-site solutions to enhance their digital enterprise and expand to new customer groups and regions all over the globe.

Make multi-channel delivery simple across all channels

Right from your customer’s mobile devices and your company website to wearables, make reaching customers to obtain the best engagement online easy!

Ensure actionable data becomes a reality

Unearth the power and potential of AI to make certain actionable data sets into motion and fast. After all, modern businesses require a CDP with machine learning abilities to uncover actionable insights and comprehend their customer’s needs and wants in a better way.

Empower content creation and drive forward site traffic

While low-code solutions give non-technical teams the power to deliver more content rapidly, the cloud platform ensures building new experiences is simple and stress-free.

Obtain more than hosting

Save big in a cost-effective way with tools that quicken the migration process from another CMS. Build new sites with a unique CMS, upgrade from Drupal 7, and more.

About SJ Innovation

SJ Innovation has joined hands with Acquia to unlock the power of Drupal and generate wiser, harder-working sites. Being a solution partner, we seamlessly help create secure enterprise-grade sites. We have a sizeable team of certified, experienced, and skilled developers while other team members are in the process of obtaining certification. Our experts help with the best content types and carry out the most appropriate modeling so it becomes easy for you to take advantage of this open-source CMS!
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Why go in for SJ Innovation?

With SJ Innovation, get faster content delivery, enrich collaborations among teams, and better return on investments from digital content. Collaborating with Acquia helps tailor our services to:
Build, operate, and optimize websites, apps, and digital experiences.
Empower digital agencies that cater to developer and marketer needs.
Accelerate content creation and simplify the delivery of modern digital experiences.
Get in touch with us to know how we collaborate with Acquia for the digital experiences you demand and deserve!


Acquia Certified Drupal 9 Developer
Acquia Certified Drupal 9 Site Builder
Acquia Drupal 9 Front End Specialist Certified
Acquia Certified Site Builder Drupal 7