All You Need to Know About AWS Lambda and Why It Stands Out from the Crowd

AWS Lambda All You Need to Know About AWS Lambda and Why It Stands Out from the Crowd

Looking to take advantage of AWS and the multitude of services it offers? Simultaneously, need a computing system that offers creative ideas along with super-fast speed and agility that helps to enhance your tech team’s efficiency? For all of these reasons and more, AWS Lambda continues to pleasantly surprise and stun!


In this blog, we will help you understand all you need to know about AWS Lambda and the reasons why it is the most suitable platform for your everyday computing requirements. 


What is AWS Lambda all about?

AWS Lambda makes it easy to run code without worrying about clusters or servers. Read how you can make the Switch to Serverless: Getting Started with AWS Lambda and Why Use AWS Lambda. AWS Lambda is an event-based serverless computing service for the AWS platform where developers can execute code without fretting about administrative tasks. To know more about a serverless journey in AWS, read about Amplify - Way to Start your Serverless Journey in AWS.


AWS Lambda looks after tasks that would usually consume a great deal of your developer’s time — the upkeep of servers, booking server resources from a cloud provider, handling operating systems, patching security issues, and manually scaling CPU, RAM as well as memory resources up or down.


Developers can concentrate on smooth service delivery when writing code. Put simply, if you need a dependable, cost-effective, scalable, and manageable solution that handles operational complexity well, AWS Lambda is your best choice. 


Why all the fuss about AWS Lambda?

Still not entirely convinced about AWS Lambda? Here are a few reasons why going in for this cloud computing platform works wonders.


  1. Pay by the millisecond

AWS Lambda works on the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model as you are only paying for what you utilize. Isn’t that a cost-effective manner of operations? In this way, you aren’t paying by server unit, only for output and the duration of execution. In other words, you are charged based on two aspects 

  • For every 1 millisecond (ms) your code runs
  • The number of times your code is triggered


  1. It reduces operational management

Make worrying about managing servers a thing of the past as Lamda runs your code seamlessly on a fault-tolerant infrastructure available all round the clock. It spreads across multiple Availability Zones (AZs) in a single Region. As we also mentioned earlier, you can flawlessly deploy code, and offer all the administration, upkeep, and patches of the infrastructure. Other than this, AWS Lambda also offers built-in monitoring and logging which also includes CloudWatch Logs, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS CloudTrail. 


It maximizes opportunities for innovation

AWS Lambda has complete control over the infrastructure management which makes it easy for the platform to liberate your programming resources. This gives you the freedom to pay attention to the innovation and the development of business logic in a nuanced manner. 


Continuous and automatic scaling is on your side

At some time or the other, your application is bound to get overloaded with server requests. Although attracting maximum users to your application is the dream, it can also wreak havoc owing to crashes and overloading problems. It isn’t possible to upgrade your capacity to be of service to users using conventional cloud services. Upgrading isn’t possible because the traditional cloud services do not follow an agile process. AWS Lambda looks after the scaling of your functions/applications accurately by running event-triggered code alongside. It also processes every event individually and automatically.


Gain a chance to modernize your applications

AWS Lambda makes it simple to utilize pre-trained machine learning models to insert artificial intelligence into applications in a trouble-free manner. With only a single application programming interface (API) request, organizing images, converting speech to text, carrying out natural language processing, and checking out videos becomes easy. 


Merge functionality for a rich ecosystem

With Lambda, integrate your application server needs with SES and other mass-mailing services. This helps your tech team to operate more functionally under one roof and so consolidate functionality. Lambda also supports developers through:

  • AWS Serverless Application Model for building serverless integrations and applications with all linds of integrated development environments (IDEs) like AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio, AWS Cloud9, and AWS Tools for Visual Studio Team Services among others.
  • AWS Serverless Application Repository for deploying, exploring, and publishing serverless applications.
  • Integration with additional AWS services 

In this way, you obtain a rich ecosystem that makes it easy to build serverless applications. 


So now that you have a fair idea of what AWS Lambda is and what are its benefits, you decide whether the service is ideal for your various major and minor cloud computing requirements. You can also read about If you are looking for any further insights on AWS Lambda, get in touch with our experts in AWS cloud services.


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