Beginners experience at SJI

Employee Culture at SJ Innovation

Its been 5 great months since I started working for S J Innovation. Feels good to be a part of SJ Innovation and work as a team to achieve company’s motto and individual goals.

I had heard that employees at SJI are very friendly and helpful and it is a great place for freshers to learn and it’s exactly as what I had heard.

SJI members are very lively and friendly and they are really helpful. Help– this is what all freshers need from other experienced members the most as we are new to everything. It improves our knowledge and we get to know other person’s ideas and a chance to learn from our mistakes.

Entire SJI staff is very helpful and each and every person tries to provide the help needed. Working is fun here and if we hit a roadblock at some point of time than team members are always ready to clear it. This support leads to good quality work and happiness which than leads to client success.

SJ Innovation is a great place for learning while working. It is ensured that every employee is developing his/her technical skills. Various goals and timelines are set to make this happen. It really helps a lot and we try to complete the goals.

The focus here is not just only on work but also on other personality development aspects. We are given books to read and talks on personality development topics. This makes it easier for us improve ourselves and also to maintain friendly atmosphere at workplace.

Many fun activities are organized which act as stress busters and improves team bonding.

Games are organizd on every 4th weekend which I enjoy the most. Lots of efforts are put in planning  every activity and everyone participates to make it a success. It is very hard to believe, but such a workplace really exists and I am very happy to be a part of it.

Trusha Sinai Desai
Trusha Sinai Desai
Software Engineer
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