Case Study: TalentResources

Case Study: TalentResources


Details and Requirements:
The site is developed for a client who provides full-service marketing and creative strategy development in the world of entertainment. We were approached with a limited time frame of re-design of entire site.

Re-design of all pages and integrating with the existing data on WordPress.
Snapshot of the solutions:

Our Endeavour:
With a limited time frame allotted to complete the project, we set ourselves on ‘war footing’ to begin work on converting the PSD to HTML and applying them to Word Press.

The biggest challenge we faced in the project was the main banner area that includes the automatic and manual scrolling of static images and video content. The Word Press plug-in that we used did not have all the functionality built-in and required customization. This was a bit tedious too, to enable compatibility across major internet browsers. The admin function is used to change the content text, images and videos across the site.

Technologies we used:
Word Press

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