Live Active Health Tracker

Live Active Health Tracker is multiple chronic illnesses and medication tracking app that creates reports which can be shared with family members or your physician. Improve medication compliance with reminders and closely monitor opioid or other controlled substance intakes​.

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The idea of the app is a tracker for the user to take pills, supplements, and other prescriptions and a tracker of various predefined or custom metrics (Blood Pressure, Cardiac Risk, etc.). The client is a doctor himself so this particular problem is very close to him and his patients.



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Prepared Mockups


Prepared Mockups

During the initial project discussion, the team discussed with the client the main app functionality and screens flow. After prepared mockups to present. After few iterations, final mockups were approved.



Next stage involved our internal design team to create final designs based on mockups. This process also had few iterations to best polish and to take into account all client needs and comments.
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All the data user input needed to be saved somewhere. For this purpose, we chose Firebase platform. The main feature it provides is a real-time remote database connection. Also, we’ve taken advantage of its functions like user management, signup/sign-in with email or social media.

Firebase is the best fit for backend in our case because they're not much logic should be on it. It mostly acts as storage.

Simple medication intake tracking is a common feature. The important one is reminders that integrate with Apple Notification Center to notify the user when they should take specific pills. Within this notification, message user can immediately take or skip intake. Each choice is recorded in users history for a particular medication.
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