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Client came to us with an old application written on Objective-C. She wanted to fix it, as the app wasn’t working, and add new features. After code review, we discovered that the work scope was huge and it makes sense to rewrite the app on swift. Client agreed and we started to rewrite the application.

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The goal was to first fix the app, as the app wasn’t working, and add new features.


The biggest challenge during development was implementing custom filters for image processing. Old application used aviary sdk, but at the time we start to work on this project, framework was bought by Adobe and was no longer available to use with the old license.

Our Solution

We came with idea of using mixture of native CoreImage filters and open source framework - GPUImage and some custom made extensions. Also we used face detection feature so it will be easier to apply makeup effect on photo without users extra action


This application has free (with ability to buy additional filters) and paid (with all filters available) versions. For purchases inside app we used apple in-app purchases.
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