Think Global Health

Think Global Health is a multi-contributor website that examines the ways in which changes in health are reshaping economies, societies, and the everyday lives of people around the globe.

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Think Global Health is a site that publishes articles related to global health. Writers from different parts of the world analyze how changes in health is effecting socio-economics. The current focus areas for the site are: urbanization, climate, the environment, trade, migration, governance, poverty, food policy, aging, migration, and gender.



The client was expecting to implement Google Tag Manager and Datalayer to the site for google analytics along with site development.


The site development went smoothly however the client requested changes on analytics only a few days before live deployment. As Covid-19 and cyclone were affecting the work rate therefore achieving the goal in such a short time was challenging.


The team worked outside of their regular hours and continued clear and communication to understand the requirements. They collected feedback and worked on fixing the issues efficiently.


The analytics were delivered to the client within the deadline with minimal reviews required.
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