Tour Patron

The client came with an idea to build an application that will replace audio guides in museums. 
The goal is to cover every museum/tourist place in the US.

Mobile Development
Tech Stack


TourPatron provides participants with the convenience of touring with their own device. No additional equipment required! TourPatron was designed to operate on i-phone ios and android systems. TourPatron Tours are created to deliver targeted and focused.


To provide access to the audio tour



How to manage tour content without any changes on the application side.
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Our Solution

All of the content is manageable through the web admin panel and all of the files stored on the server.
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When a customer is coming to Museum/Place and buying a ticket, it will also include a unique code printed on it, and using this code user will be able to download the audio guide and take the tour.

The tour will be prepared for step by step playing (no beacons are needed). It will also include images (like album covers for songs).banner
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