Culture & happiness in SJI

Culture &Happiness in SJ Innovation

It's been repeatedly observed for lot of successful companies that how their success is directly related to the culture they follow and happiness index of team members.
Over the time I always wondered about these things, what are these things and how we can inherit them.
What does it mean by culture in a company or in a team? Do we have something like this or is it actually possible for us to follow something like this?
How you can have all your team members happy? Is it possible to satisfy everyone's happiness?

These questions always put me on backfoot when any topic related to Culture & Happiness came during meetings and brainstorming session.

One day I came across an video clip from Reed Hastings of netflix about Culture & scaling which made me  realize that lot of these things which people talk about company culture we are already having with us but only difference is we do not make any attempt towards using them or promoting them as our culture.

No matter if some person is working with SJi for 5 years or 1 year, every one is always willing to help each other when someone is stuck.
It amazes me to see when CEO & co-founder of company are reaching out to individual members of team to help them solve their problems; to guide them for their career or are open to take any feedback from members.
Time given by company for members towards learning in the form of Goals, PDC so members can have better career opportunities.
Why is that not just 2-3 but 15-20 members from different work department landup in office on weekend to ensure that a client who is in trouble is bailed out, and while doing this work nobody thinks its low level or high level work they just do it as a team.
Its motivating to see when developers do not hesitate to stay beyond work time to make sure they help coordinators from different timezone and different clients.

The list can go on but, when I revisit these points I now realize that it's a clear indication of a culture which we already have in SJI.
Culture where no one has any hesitation towards Helping.
Culture where everyone cares about every others growth.
Culture where we care about client success.

All this while I was unaware about this and once in awhile on some occasion if topic comes we used to talk about some stories about projects, commitments etc .
How we stayed overnight in office when during peak sale time site broke and there were thousands of customers had lost their money or how we made sure to deliver a project within impossible deadline to save client from legal issues.
How some of our ex colleagues still praise our team and still miss working for SJI.

But while writing this article I already know how effective this can be to talk about our culture more and repeatedly. Talking about culture always help us to motivate members and make our colleagues  more aligned towards this Culture of SJI and to make it more stronger.
A team with good culture will always succeed in maintaining good happiness index of members.
And I am glad that I am part of an organization which has such a nice culture.


Madhav Ranganekar
Madhav Ranganekar
COO - Goa
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