DrupalCon Asia - Mumbai 2016 Wrap-up

DrupalCon Asia 2016  a global conference where thousands of Drupal developers, system engineers,DrupalCon Asia - Mumbai 2016 Wrap-up designers, project managers, media and business people gathered to participate in learning sessions held at Mumbai in the month of February this year! It was a perfect mix of insightful sessions and business-focused activities. Well we at SJ Innovation couldn't miss out this opportunity and hence 3 of our team members participated in these greatest event made for the Drupal Community and here's what they have to say...

The Drupal con event was a great success for me, not just the conference but the entire journey. The journey begin from margao railway station, three members of the company , myself Joshua  Gaurav and the team lead Arisen were all set for it. The entire journey was fun we got to know the team members more closely which has helped us to co ordinate more within the company after coming back from the event. All three of us attended different workshops, the main reason for it was to get the most from the event and obviously share the knowledge among us and the fellow employees later. I attended the workshop was on Drupal 8 in a day, It was a great start for starting with drupal 8. The workshop started from very basics installation to more advanced module installation and usage. we were also given insides of the drupal community, how it started and kept on growing to becoming one of the largest open source community. Then there was a exchange of knowledge session, anyone could ask question and anyone could answer them, it was a great opportunity to learn new things , get answers to any issues faced with Drupal. In short it was must attend workshop. On our journey back we started sharing our knowledge within us. I would thank SJ Innovation for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity.
- Joshua Fernandes
DrupalCon Asia - Mumbai 2016
For me , this was my first DrupalCon. I was excited and had a lot of expectations in terms of knowledge enhancement, meeting numerous Drupalers from the other part of the world and of course to make new friends. Thankfully, DrupalCon Asia 2016 not just met with all my expectations but also surpassed them. The first day of DrupalCon i.e. Thursday Feb 18, 2016 was all about trainings and summits on various themes.


There were training sessions on "Drupal 8 Theming", "Building Front-end/Mobile Applications with Headless

DrupalCon Asia – Mumbai 2016 Wrap-up

Drupal" and "Drupal 8 in a day" along with summits on "Business", "Higher Education" and most important "Government" Summit.I had attended workshop on "Drupal 8 Theming" and the vibes of the IIT campus were mesmerizing. I would especially like to mention "Drupal 8 Theming" by  Suzanne Dergacheva and Alex Dergachev. This presentation was very neat and to the point, I liked the step by step flow for creating a Theme in drupal 8. The presentation started with Drupal 7 theming topics.Then we started developing custom theme from scratch in drupal 8. It was good to see many people being interested in this session and ask about their queries regarding the same.I do not have firsthand experience about other sessions but some of my colleagues did attend and I got good feedback about these sessions from them.Overall my experience of DrupalCon was exemplary and I am always going to remember the awe-inspiring IIT Mumbai campus, food and overall event management of this DrupalCon. I sincerely look forward to attending many more DrupalCons.
- Gaurav Manerkar

This was my first conference as an IT professional. And i must say it was a great one. During the journey to mumbai i had a chance to interact more with my juniors Joshua and Gaurav. It was nice to know about their special achievements and their future plans. Also it was good to see their great enthusiasm towards IT. The Conference was held at a awesome place like IIT, Bombay. I must say the conference was very well organised. I was especially impressed about the time management. Everything was executed at the planned time. It was nice interacting with the attendees of the conference, our fellow indians and people across the world. I had a chance to interact with a solution architect from Singapore. The workshop which i attended was called ‘Headless Drupal’ which was given ‘blisstering solutions’. It is a US based company having a branch in Mumbai. They explained the concepts very well and were very helpful when the attendees had some issues. Even though the topic was too big for 1 day seminar, they gave us enough inputs to build upon. They showed how to use drupal as a web service(api producer) and consume the api’s through angular webapp and mobile app built using ionic framework. They also showed how we can make certain sections of drupal website to use the js frameworks. Overall it was a very good workshop and great to know that Drupal has a good future with current trend IT
Thanks Sj Innovation for this wonderful opportunity. - Arisen Fernandes


                        drupalcon-asia-mumbai-2016-wrap-up   drupalcon-asia-mumbai-2016-wrap-up

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