Why Magento is Thriving in Ecommerce Today?

Why Magento is Thriving in Ecommerce Today

Magento is currently known as one of the worlds leading e-commerce platforms. Owing to Magento development services for e-commerce, many customers around the world have taken their business online. Why? Because setting up a store online is very simple with Magento. A large majority of customers have also migrated from other eCommerce platforms to Magento because of the features, performance, and scalability that it offers. 


Magento community builders have suggested various improvements to the core functionality of the Magento framework and have contributed to the development of the platform. In every release of Magento, several issues are resolved to provide a better shopping experience to customers. For any business, security is an important concern and Magento has many security patches released for every version that is currently active in support. This aspect makes ecommerce platform Magento a force to reckon with. 


Wondering why choose magento for e-commerce platform for e-commerce


A StoreFront that can be modified

magento for ecommerce storefront

Ecommerce platform Magento provides a standard storefront (frontend) using inbuilt standard Magento themes (Magento Blank or Luma). 

  • From a business perspective, you may have many changes to incorporate into this default storefront. 
  • However, with Magento development services for ecommerce, you can modify the existing functionality of the store without having to modify its framework code. 
  • You can also create your own theme or child theme (using Magento standard theme as parent theme)  to customize your storefront. 
  • You can even create custom modules to add new functionality or modify the existing functionality of the store.


Magento storefront can be set up using PWA studio. PWA (Progressive Web App) is a storefront app based on advanced JavaScript technology stacks like ReactJS, and NodeJS.


A marketplace that leaves you spoilt for choice!

magento for ecommerce marketplace

Magento ecommerce solution is the ultimate delight owing to the Magento marketplace that contains a large number of extensions/custom modules built by different vendors. 

  • You have different sorts of features provided by different vendors in varying areas of Magento such as inventory, mail management, marketing, SEO, etc. 
  • One can explore the demo of both (Storefront and admin) and choose the one that best suits your store. 
  • Even if the extension is doing 90% of the job for your store, you can still go forward and buy it. 
  • Later down the line, you can customize it the way you desire by creating your own module.        

A blessing for marketing

magento for ecommerce marketing growth

As a store administrator, you can really boost your sales by getting more customers to your store as ecommerce Magento proves to be a lifesaver. Many marketing strategies can be used such as:

  • Newsletters: You can communicate to your customers and attract them to your stores using newsletters.  Through newsletters, you can send product updates and offers on the store, big discounts of the season, free deliveries on bulk orders, and many more.
  • Emails: Email templates are another mode of reaching out to customers and are used by many vendors. You can design some attractive email templates showcasing offers, and discounts to increase your sales revenue.


A Complete Multi-Store Experience 

magento for ecommerce multi store

With the Magento ecommerce solution, you can set up not only just one but multiple stores. 

  • Magento has the ability to run several stores on different domains/sub-domains with one centralized admin for all the stores. 
  • You can configure and control the store settings separately for all the stores such as payment methods, shipping methods, etc. 
  • Furthermore, you can also control the CMS page and product allocation for each store. 

So the real question is, how do we do this? 

  • Magento has three concepts when it comes to creating a multi-store: Website, Store, and Store View. 
  • You can add a new website to the Magento admin panel. 
  • One website can have multiple stores, so you can create a store and assign it to the required website. 
  • Each store can have multiple store views. 
  • Multistore is really helpful when your business has numerous branches operating at different locations across the world. 
  • Also, Magento is a great platform to help start your business and then grow accordingly by creating multiple stores when you need it.    



magento for ecommerce promotion 

If you are thinking what is the best platform for ecommerce and are in two minds of whether Magento is ideal for you, take a look at promotions. Promoting your store relies on clever and useful promotional strategies. Two types of promotion tactics that work efficiently are:

  • Catalog price rules: You can offer a price drop (discount)  for your product catalog either as a fixed price or a percentage of the original price.
  • Cart price rules: Here you can offer discounts on the total cart amount. You can create rules like Buy X get Y free, Fixed amount discount on cart, etc.


These rules can be activated/ deactivated anytime by the store admin. Additionally, these rules can be activated for a certain period of time by specifying the date range. You can also control to which all customer groups these rules can be applied to.    


A multitude of SEO features

magento for ecommerce seo

The Magento ecommerce solution also brings with it many built-in SEO features such as the ability to change URLs, add permanent/temporary URL redirects, and add metadata titles, and descriptions keywords. 

  • Moreover, you can create automatic permanent redirects for old URLs when pages are updated with URLs. 
  • Often, as a store admin, we make a specific product unavailable to customers for a certain time by disabling the product due to unavailability or upgrade in the product. 
  • This has a great impact on the SEO of your store. 
  • Customers who try to visit this product will now receive 404 page not found errors. 
  • To avoid these 404 errors you can always redirect users to a similar product by adding a product URL rewrite in Magento admin.


Store owners always want customers to come to their store and this can be made possible through SEO. You need to have good metadata set for your store products, categories, landing pages, etc. Also, the most important thing is the sitemap for your store. The sitemap makes it easier for search engine bots to locate your pages therefore, it can entice more new customers to your store. 


So what is the best platform for ecommerce? Give Magento a shot and see for youself! You can also get in touch with our Experts of magento development services who can offer you all the information you need to make a wise choice!

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