Friday Fun Activities at SJ Innovation

After a hectic workweek, most of the Employees tend to lack passion and motivation which leads to a weekend lethargy and at SJ INNOVATION where employee happiness is the priority, we came up with an idea of “Friday Fun Activity”, which would beat all your exhaustion and give a great start for your weekend.

So what friday activity is all about??..

At SJ INNOVATION , on the first friday of every month lots are picked which has the names of all the team members out of which three team members are chosen who'll be organising the fun filled activity for the team on the last friday of the month. Every month a new team is chosen so that everyone gets a chance to show their ingenuity. The HR team, with all the zest looks after organising surprise events on the rest of the friday’s.

These activities are supposed to be not only enjoyable, but also productive. They help the team learn about each other how each person thinks, works, solves problems, and have fun which indeed helps in building a strong bond. We Believe that, such activities are critically important for the success of any organisation. In fact, the personal bonds formed between team members actually give your organisation a competitive edge.

This is an endeavour from team SJ INNOVATION to keep our employees happy.

Happiness is contagious. So lighten up your workplace with few simple things that involve employee happiness

Sanjeet Kanekar
Sanjeet Kanekar
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