When we start our career we are full of enthusiasm, excited and want to do many things. But gradually we tend to lose focus, and most of us do not know what we have to do and why. We feel we have a job and there is nothing more to do. At this point, it is goal which plays an important role.

Goals are not set to improve our productivity only at work. We need to understand them from a wider perspective. Goals should not be considered as an additional burden, in fact they help in giving right direction to our professional as well as personal life, for both short term and long term.

The very first thing we need to achieve a goal, is a reason and an aspiration to achieve it. Do not try set a goal just for the sake of it and leave it at that. We have to follow it up regularly in order to achieve it successfully, on time.

We in SJ Innovation LLC have started with quarterly goals with the aim to help everyone achieve success in both personal and professional life eventually helping in the overall growth of the company.

The team members are asked to set 2 types of goals:

Individual goals: which interests the individual and helps him/her to learn and grow

Team goals: which benefits the whole team

Both these goals are aligned to the company goals, thus benefiting everyone in the company. The team members are constantly guided to set by their Team Leads or Project Managers to achieve these goals.

Goals set are measured in order to help check the successful completion. If the team members have set goals which cannot be completed in one quarter they are asked to complete them in the next quarter.

Completion of a goal gives a sense of achievement and encourages the team member to learn new technologies, methods, etc. thus building their confidence as well as their career.

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DRUPAL: The CMS you must be looking for!

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