Don’t Kill That Advert - How Advertising Agencies Can save their companies

How to Save Advertising Agencies


The dream and goal of every advertising firm is to reach more and more audience with its contents. What happens when that goal is not only cut short but the already achieved milestone is destroyed because of a simple situation that should have been addressed. A simple situation like a change in platform. Times of desktop advertising propelled by Adobe Flash are reaching an end, and agencies, organizations that don't begin adjusting now will soon get themselves abandoned.

As of now, the Flash plugin must be enabled so that individuals will be able to view almost all the dynamic, rich-media promotions running on desktop gadgets. Users visit websites with the primary aim of searching good content and not to see advertisement, so if ads are not auto playing, the companies concerned will be in loss as the ads will go unnoticed. Why? Because flash banner ads will not automatically play and will show a play button instead, and I promise that only a handful of users will take the time to press play.

If you think that this is a big problem, you're totally right. Imagine a horrible situation in which the major browsers such as Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari, Opera Mini etc. disable Flash from running on their platforms, we could be taking a gander at a situation where approximately 84% of advertisements over the web would not be perceptible on desktop browsers.

Instead of viewing auto-playing animated, visually dynamic ads that has been creatively designed with movement and video to catch attention, users would just see static and unappealing ads. Like I said earlier, the ads will go unnoticed, and that’s bad for business.

Advantages of Switching to HTML5

  • Using HTML5 to design your ads can help you reach the widest possible audience, including Chrome users, across devices and screens.
  • HTML5 ads can play back on Desktop, Mobile and tablet gadgets.
  • Provision of great CPU and battery performance.
  • Adverts can now be shown on the Google Display Network.
  • Because by default it is supported by web programs, it doesn't require the client to download any plugins or players to run applications.
  • It's open source, not requiring the buying of Adobe Flash items for the design of site.
  • It's said to run 58% quicker than Flash on Linux and the Mac OS.
  • It's default enabled, click-to-activate not required to view advertisements.
  • With HTML5, ebooks and other related applications turn out to be more responsive, providing an enriching and captivating experience for users.

Google Started It, Others Will Follow…

When we asked you to imagine a scenario where the major browsers will say “Goodbye” to Flash, some taught it was something of years to come, but let me shock by saying it has already started. Google announced in September that their Chrome browser will "intelligently" pause unnecessary content (like ads) on webpages in an effort to save battery for laptop users. What this means is that all Flash content will be “idled” i.e. blocked. Do you know the number of people who uses Chrome globally, let’s not go into that statistics. The thing is, you need to act fast! If your goal is to continue to exist in this market. This is just the beginning as other browsers are sure to follow suit.

What we are offering

For publicists, this could mean shelling out top of the line cash for economy-class impressions. Publicizing offices that move rapidly towards the html5 desktop standard will have the capacity to run the same innovative crosswise over desktops, mobiles and tablets. This will guarantee a really wonderful experience for users and spare advert agencies a ton heap of cash.

Manually converting a complex Flash project to HTML5 is a labour-intensive, difficult and time-consuming process, due to platform differences. That’s where we come in. SJ Innovation is the company with the skill set to do Flash to HTML5 Ad creatives conversion using HTML5, CSS3 and Java. We are here to help you convert animations created with Flash and ActionScript into HTML5 and JavaScript.

Our goal is to give you an edge by providing:

  • Hassle free Flash to HTML5 conversions.
  • Custom hand coded HTML5 banner creatives from scratch build for you.
  • Quick turn around
  • Tools like Google Web Designer to design creatives to HTML5.
  • Dedicated Project Manager from New York to talk to you and share all details like completion of project etc. on daily basis.
  • Additional services to be provided

No other company does it better. SJ Innovation is the best place to be if your goal is to take your advert business to a greater level. No need to delay, we are right here for your needs.

Shoot us a message and we'll do our very best to help. Whatever it takes to get your advert out there!

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