Is It a Good Move to Migrate from WordPress to Shopify?

Is It a Good Move to Migrate from WordPress to Shopify?

WordPress or Shopify? Which platform is an easier way to offer your products online? A lot of business owners and retailers are asking themselves this question. 


You may probably also be thinking, “It’s going to be so tiring to move from one platform to another! Who wants to spend hours moving all their products? ”


But wait! 


Listen to this. If you are using WooCommerce to sell your products online at the moment, switching to Shopify isn’t going to be difficult. 


Now let’s get into the main question, “Is it going to be worth it?” 


Well, let’s find out whether it is a good move to migrate from WordPress to Shopify


In this blog, you will find:

  • How different is Shopify from WordPress?
  • Is having a blog on Shopify better?
  • Does Shopify work the best for SEO as WordPress does?
  • How to migrate from WordPress to Shopify?
  • Can I use Shopify on my WordPress website?
  • Why migrate to Shopify?


How different is Shopify from WordPress? 

Even though Shopify and WooCommerce are both designed keeping eCommerce businesses in mind, they are very different from each other.

  • What’s different? While WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that you utilize when you have a WordPress website, Shopify is not a plugin but has its platform. 
  • What’s unique about Shopify? WooCommerce won’t function if you are planning to build your website or already have a website on another platform. With Shopify, you have one platform designed to run your business seamlessly. 
  • Why Shopify? Shopify comes with intuitive, intelligent features that makes it stand apart from other platforms.


Is having a blog on Shopify better?

  • Attracts new viewers and establishes a potent website presence: If WordPress eCommerce reviews are anything to go by, the platform has one-of-a-kind blogging features which is one of the main reasons why businesses use it but Shopify comes with equally exciting, tailor-made features for blogs. 
  • Shopify’s built-in blogging engine: Every Shopify store has its built-in blogging engine that works to grab more attention to your business. It helps build your brand and establishes your presence as an innovator that has new and inventive content ideas.  

If you decide to move your business to Shopify, the transition is a smooth process and you lose nothing in the bargain!


Does Shopify work the best for SEO as WordPress does?

  • Is one platform better than the other? No doubt, WordPress has some amazing coding advantages as well as SEO-driven plugins which marginally improve your search rankings but when it comes to SEO optimization, they both offer the same results. 
  • It’s the blend of SEO best practices and digital marketing efforts that counts:
  1. Use services such as Podium or Google My Business if you are a local business that caters to areas around you as it helps boost your local reviews and local SEO.
  2. Combine these platforms with the best SEO practices on your Shopify store to optimize your business’s SEO so that your store is visible to as many people as possible. 


How to migrate from WordPress to Shopify?

It isn’t a long or time-consuming process migrating WooCommerce to Shopify

  • Shopify’s import tool: Opt to import all your customer and product data manually although Shopify’s import tool easily automates the entire process. After the import is completed, you still have access to all your data on your existing platform. In this way, all issues revolving around losing data during the transition process are put to rest.
  • Get the help of the experts: It’s important to consult the right professionals who can make the transition a smooth and seamless process. In this way, you can easily leave it to the experts to manage and set up your inventory management, product information, and third-party integrations. The team can accordingly customize the Shopify store depending on your requirements by making use of the most trending UX/UI design. This enables you to smoothly convert visitors into leads by giving them a customer experience they aren’t going to forget. 


Can I use Shopify on my WordPress website?

If you want to stay with WordPress but still use Shopify in case you don’t want to make the complete transition just yet, you can do this. Embed a Shopify buy button on your WordPress site so you can transform your WordPress into a digital storefront. This ensures your customers obtain a dependable and secure shopping experience. 

  • It is ideal for businesses looking to do only a small amount of business online or for those who want to make online sales temporarily. 
  • For a more concrete solution that reaps long-term benefits, however, it’s vital to make the full transition from WordPress to Shopify.


Why migrate to Shopify?

Here is why moving from WordPress to Shopify helps.

  • You can take advantage of built-in analytics: To measure the performance of your eCommerce website, you need data. This includes which products are underperforming, selling, how you can improve and where you can find loopholes. Shopify offers built-in analytics so to keep a watch on your growth and sales so you can get all the information you need about abandoned carts and top-selling products among others.
  • Accepting third-party payments is not mandatory: The Shopify Payments feature is helpful as it lets users pay in their local currency and stores information for future purchases. You don’t need to integrate it with a third-party payment provider like Stripe or PayPal. All you need to do is accept credit card payments. To set up Shopify payments, you need the average cost of your orders and bank account details. After it is set up, you can accept all major payment methods such as Mastercard, American Express, and Visa without a third-party provider.
  • Obtain all the functionalities you wish: When using a WooCommerce website, you need to install plugins for additional features which can make your site move slowly. Shopify uses apps and you can pick from over 7,000 apps to offer a customized user experience. 


Looking to make a seamless move and import products from WordPress to Shopify, get in touch with our experts. We put together our expertise and experience to ensure the transition is as smooth as it can get! 


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