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Launchpad 2019 in association with SJ Innovation


After the immense success last year SJ Innovations LLC is back with yet another edition of launchpad, A program held for the IT and Computer Science students aiming towards starting a career in the corporate IT field. LaunchPad 2019 was held at Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi and was conducted by all the Team Leads and senior employees of SJ Innovation including our CEO Shahed Islam and COO Shahera Choudhury.

Greeted by the dynamic teaching staff and student representative of GEC college, The program started with our COO MRs. Shahera Choudhury giving the students a brief about our company as well as giving a broad idea about the company's culture and functioning over its various branches across the globe.


Following that, the first speaker was Amol Bhandari where he spoke about the expectations that the IT industry has from the students and what extra efforts can be taken by them to keep themselves updated with the current trends in the Industry. He was followed by Sarvesh Shejwadkar who spoke about the fields within the industry and gave a brief on the core differences between being a Frontend Developer and a Backend Developer. After Sarvesh came yet another Team Lead Arisen Fernandes, he explained the advantages of learning a development framework and introduced the students to the currently trending frameworks in the web development field.

After having a fifteen minute break during which our CEO discussed about SJ Innovations community outreach program with the faculty of GEC College, the program continued with our next speaker Milton Pereira giving the students an idea about how Quality Assurance (QA) or Testing has moved from Manual to Automation and the advantages that it brings along with it. He was followed by our Senior QA Analyst Paresh Bagi and Jayson Rodrigues they showed a tiny demo of various testing tools and frameworks like postman and Nightwatch.

After the technical sessions, Our CEO Shahed Islam spoke about the various individual qualities student should develop to have a successful career and grow in the IT industry. He focused more on explaining how building up good habits and being disciplined in our personal lives reflects on our career. He spoke how having a job can be satisfying rather than feeling like a pain.

The Program ended with a lot of positive feedback received from the attending students as well as the faculty members of the college, the team had a tiny quiz session with the students and prizes were awarded to the winners. This was followed by an impromptu motivational session by our manager Madhav Ranganekar, explaining about the importance of being ready to seize oncoming opportunities whilst sharing his own personal experiences and his growth in the company.


After having the motivational Sessions and sharing knowledge, the enthusiastic students were shown a glimpse into the industry and various technologies. With this Launchpad 2019 ended as a success. Seeing this we at SJ Innovation are even more excited and motivated to have many more such events and to create excitement and build curiosity within the upcoming minds hoping to join the IT industry.

Ameer Nagvenkar
Ameer Nagvenkar
Software Engineer
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Sanjeet Kanekar
Welcome Back!!!

Welcome Back!!!