Maintaining Our Culture During COVID-19

Keeping the Organisational Culture Intact During Covid-19 Crisis

No one knows how they will react in a crisis until it happens. We hope we will respond in ways that reflect our core values. We are proud that SJ Innovation remained true to its motto.

Employee happiness generates client success.

We started 2020 with plans in place for a great year. Then, the world changed overnight. Suddenly we were asking everyone to work from home. We didn't have time to respond. All we could do was react to the ever-changing demands. Through it all, our team handled everything with unparalleled ingenuity.

Sure, we had challenges. Electricity, internet connectivity and some minor glitches were addressed with humor. Soon our team adjusted to working from home. We adapted policies to maintain a healthy work environment. Before long, we were moving forward on our 2020 plans.

People Over Productivity
Productivity is always a concern when employees work from home. Add to the normal adjustments of remote work was the constant background noise of how the health crisis was progressing. Instead of focusing on productivity, we concentrated on keeping our team connected. We wanted all team members to be in constant contact. We aren't a company of isolated workers, so we worked to make sure no one was.

Our team worked day and night without complaint to meet the needs of our customers. They did this voluntarily because they care about the company, their coworkers and customers. Our productivity hasn't suffered because we focused on our people first. We may work a little differently, but our productivity hasn't changed.

Mind Over Matter
The physical health of our employees and their families was of primary importance. We made sure that all members were up to date on government guidelines for mitigating risk. But, we also recognized that mental health was equally important. Over time, the stress of the pandemic would take a toll on our team members.

We gave the highest priority to the team members and their well being in order to keep them safe and mentally healthy. Members thoroughly followed the Government advisory, which kept them alert about physical health, but mental health was something which we had to ensure was kept in check.

As part of our in-office programs, we held wellness sessions on mindfulness, meditation, yoga and stretching exercises. We did not want to stop these sessions. We needed a way to ensure our team members were staying mentally as well as physically safe. To continue the sessions, our team meets virtually. These on-going sessions help alleviate some of the stress that comes from living in a world of unknowns.

Culture and Customers
Using official communication channels, our team plays virtual games. We hold virtual tea parties and tournaments. Our focus is on giving our members the opportunity to connect with each other in as many ways as possible. It is that connection that makes our culture.

We strongly believe that taking care of our employees is the best way to take care of our customers. And, we put that belief to the test at the beginning of this crisis. We accepted the "new normal" and embraced the challenges it presented. We looked to our team for answers, and they delivered innovative solutions that strengthened our company and our culture.

The future may be uncertain, but SJ Innovation is sure that its corporate culture will continue to empower our employees to deliver quality services that meet our customers' expectations.


Akshata Alornekar
Akshata Alornekar
HR Manager
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