Shifting from Drupal 10 to Drupal 11: What’s New and Why It Matters?

Shifting from Drupal 10 to Drupal 11: What’s New and Why It Matters?

Finding it hard to leave an outdated Drupal version? Well, it can have consequences. After all, if you're still clinging to older versions (Drupal 8 core version series has reached end-of-life as of November 17, 2021 and as of November 1, 2023, Drupal 9 has reached its end-of-life), you're putting your online presence at risk and prone to cyber threats and compatibility issues. 

As of April 10, 2024, Drupal has released version 10.2.5, packed with cutting-edge features and enhanced security measures. So, it’s a wise move to carry out Drupal 10 migration and wait expectantly for Drupal 11! In this blog, we’ll look at Drupal 10.2 and the journey you will be making to Drupal 11. 


New major release schedule

Drupal Major Releases

(The schedule provided is a sample. Actual release timings may differ and will be detailed on the official Drupal core release schedule.)


Drupal 10.2 is here…

Drupal 10.2


Drupal 10's second feature release enhances various functionalities, with enhanced Drupal 10 modules for content structuring, block management, and categorizing menus and taxonomies, as well as refining access controls. It introduces capabilities for streamlining file names on uploads and presents a specialized interface for managing revisions of media items. Drupal 10 modules introduce innovative features that allow for the streamlining of file names during uploads, ensuring better file handling and organization. 


  1. Content Management Software Examples with Drupal 10 Enhancements:

  •   New visual list for field types.
  •   Consolidated settings form for fields.
  •   Simplified addition of child menu items and taxonomy terms.
  •   Dedicated UI for media item revisions.
  •   Configurable CKEditor language selector.


2. Block Placement Flexibility:

  •   UI options for block visibility based on HTTP response status.


3. File Name Sanitization:

  •   Built-in options for cleaning file names, including whitespace removal and text transliteration.


4. Streamlined Permission Management:

  •   Filtered permissions page for quicker adjustments.


5. Performance Boosts:

  •   Optimizations for content rendering, HTTP responses, and caching APIs.


6. PHP Compatibility:

  •   Ready for PHP 8.3, keeping pace with the latest PHP release.


7. Developer Experience:

  •   Adoption of PHP attributes for plugins, enhancing the developer workflow.


8. Project News Updates:

  •   Announcements Feed module, now stable and included by default in the standard profile.


9. Help Module Integration:

  • Help topics transitioned from experimental to core Help module integration.

To know more about Drupal 10.2, read here!  


...but Drupal 11 is on its way. What does this mean?

Drupal 11


The journey from Drupal 10 to Drupal 11

The Drupal 10 upgrade has already brought in impactful enhancements, such as the introduction of CKEditor 5, compatibility with updated PHP and Symfony versions, new Claro admin and Olivero front-end themes, as well as a shift to modern JavaScript, among others.

With the subsequent minor releases of Drupal 10, including the recent 10.1 and the anticipated 10.2 and beyond, we're inching closer to the big Drupal 11 release in either August or December 2024.

At DrupalCon Portland 2022, Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal, outlined the overarching aim for Drupal 11: The mission is pretty clear: make Drupal the hands-down, go-to solution for ambitious site builders in the Open Web ecosystem. An updated roadmap for Drupal 11, forged through discussions with Drupal's core committers, revolves around three primary goals:

  • Streamlining site-building tools.
  • Refining the content editing experience.
  • Simplifying Drupal's upgrade and maintenance processes.

These focal points are being actively incorporated into Drupal core updates, setting the stage for the realization of the Drupal 11 vision.


The Drupal 11 Release 

Drupal 11 release


The Drupal 11 release date is planned for the end of 2024. What does this mean for the Drupal community? How should website owners prepare themselves for the website upgrade?

  • Drupal 11 On the Horizon: Business owners with Drupal sites can look forward to the Drupal 11 release.
  • Performance & Features Boost: Expect enhanced performance, new functionalities, and more robust features.
  • Bug Fixes & User Satisfaction: The update will tackle previous bugs and aim for a smoother Drupal user experience for a higher customer satisfaction score.
  • Staying Current with PHP: While Drupal 10 is fresh, it’ll soon outgrow PHP 8.1, so Drupal 11 is aligning with the upcoming PHP 8.2.


What’s New with Drupal 11?

Drupal 11 new updates


Say Hello to automatic updates 

Get ready for effortless website maintenance — automatic updates are about to hit Drupal core. Adam G-H and Ted Bowman announced at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023 that this feature is nearing launch, with a sharp focus on This means Drupal sites will soon implement security updates quickly, keeping websites safer without the wait.

  • Automatic Updates in Drupal are set to streamline the update process, offering both hands-on and hands-free options. 
  • With a simple click, you'll be able to run security and patch updates (like from Drupal 10.1.0 to 10.1.1) as well as minor version updates (from Drupal 10.1 to 10.2). 
  • However, for safety, minor updates will need your attention and can't run on autopilot, as Adam and Ted highlighted.

Currently, these updates apply to Drupal core. As for contributed module updates, that's a work in progress. While not in the initial roll-out, you can catch a glimpse of future functionalities in demos from past DrupalCons. Eventually, this feature will arrive as a contributed module, adding another layer of convenience to the platform.


Upcoming: Starter Templates: 

The new starter pack templates aim to ease the entry barrier for new Drupal users. It reduces initial setup time and will be comparatively easier to maintain.


The “Project Browser” feature

The upcoming Project Browser feature is poised to simplify your search for Drupal's vast array of modules and themes, designed to enhance your website's capabilities with ease. Its integration into the Drupal core will revolutionize the way users discover and implement new functionalities.

Expect these Project Browser benefits:

  • Convenient Search: A "Browse" tab will be introduced in the Drupal admin dashboard for easy searching.
  • Simplified Categories: Categories are restructured for maximum clarity and ease of use.
  • Straightforward Descriptions: Projects are explained in simple terms, free from tech jargon.
  • Quality Recommendations: You'll see suggestions for projects that are secure, stable, and right for your Drupal version.

Previewed at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023, Project Browser will allow for quick installations directly from your dashboard, sidelining the need for manual Composer commands. Composer will still be there, silently smoothing out the installation and managing any dependencies behind the scenes.


Single Directory Components (SDC) Simplify Theming  

As an experimental module added to Drupal 10.1, Single Directory Components (SDC) are revolutionizing theming by:

  • Unified Component Files: Grouping all related files within one directory for easier management.
  • Automatic Libraries: Handling library creation and loading when components are utilized, improving development efficiency.

Future updates look to enable module detection for SDC components and potential Storybook integration.


Field Management Improvements on the Horizon  

Drupal's interface for field creation and reuse is becoming more intuitive:

  • Reuse Interface: A fresh interface simplifies the process, showcasing reuse information for existing fields.
  • New Field Buttons: Quick access to "Create a new field" or "Re-use an existing field"  has now been improved.

Drupal 10.2 plans to refine content modeling, with a new field type selection display simplifying the user experience.


Stay Updated with Announcements in Admin UI  

Keep up with the latest from with Drupal 10.1's new Announcements module, ready for activation. 

Different user roles can also be granted view permissions for these updates. Streamlined Block Creation and Permissions , Drupal 10.1 enhances block management through:

  • Block Permissions: Managing permissions for block types, offering more granular controls than the previous "Administer blocks" permission.
  • Content Block Revisions: With content block revisions, you can easily revert to previous versions if needed.


Admin UI Receives Multiple Enhancements  

Drupal's admin UI is getting various upgrades:

  • Actions Bar: An updated actions bar on the Content page no longer defaults to "Delete content" and dynamically shows selected item counts.
  • Time Ago" Formatter: Date fields can now use the "Time ago" formatter, presenting time differences rather than fixed timestamps.


Drupal Optimizes Page Loading Time  

The BigPipe module in Drupal 10.1 now supports:

  • Delayed Content Previews: Improving user experience with interface previews for content loaded via the BigPipe, reducing reflows.
  • Performance Enhancements: Streamlined approaches for image lazy-loading, AJAX response handling, and asset serving contribute to quicker loading times.


What will happen to older versions of Drupal?

We'll still support earlier versions of Drupal. But you should be aware that most new features, updates and improvements will not be available on versions that are no longer supported.

If you care about the security and stability of your website, it is best to think about relocating it now.


Why migrate to a new version of Drupal?

Drupal Migration


Migration can always be done in a good way. When a project develops for a long time, it accumulates technical debt, dead code, and bugs, which you can get rid of by migrating to a new version. This load affects the quality of the site and makes maintenance more expensive - you have to do the same thing, fix it in one place while it breaks in another.


You can get rid of something that has accumulated over dozens of years of development and several generations of developers at different levels in one go. In addition to an upgrade, a redesign can also be carried out, which will be much easier and cheaper to implement when moving to an updated version of Drupal. Get in touch with our Drupal web development service experts to help you with Drupal 10 migration or if you need to know anything about Drupal 11. 

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