Serverless Cyber Assets Development with AWS

Serverless Cyber Assets Development with AWS

Intro to the topic:

Cyber Assets are originally meant to be the key part for any software development organisation. CyberSecurity assets are mainly responsible to measure your internal and external infrastructure and to keep them secure as much as we can. 

Managing cyber security and handling cyber assets for any web development process can be so handy when it comes to the point to develop things on cloud. 

Definition and references:

Traditionally Cyber security or information technology security are the techniques of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or attacks that are aimed for exploitation but in cloud computing this is not the major issue to handle because with serverless technologies this is taken care of by the cloud providers now-a-days. 

The term to develop cyber assets for cloud applications development is comparatively new in terms of cyber security management. As per JupiterOne, In a modern definition of cyber assets, highly complex relationships connect people, process, and technology, and are integral to the definition. It isn’t the assets themselves that are solely defined. The definition of modern cyber assets includes the relationship to every other asset in the collection. This is a critical distinction between existing definitions and a modern definition which views the entire system as an interconnected whole.

Cyber Assets for Cloud development:

In this field of Cyber Assets development in cloud computing more specifically with AWS is more easier than ever. AWS has a number of sophisticated Serverless services which are so well established that we can completely depend on their cyber security tools and processes developed todate. Now as it comes down to the topic of developing cyber assets with AWS serverless application development life cycle, here are few most useful assets we can develop for our day to day serverless application development.

The list of cyber assets for your serverless application:

  1. Identifying relationships between different components and creating Lambda templates for specific relations.
  2. Write different types of triggers for different serverless resource event sources like S3, DynamoDB etc
  3. Lambda template for some common web/mobile development functionalities like Form validation, Handle S3 file upload for specific file type, Contact form mailer functionalities, Validating end user input for common fields etc
  4. Create and configure different monitoring jobs for different cloud resources to make them more effective like cloudwatch, cloudtrail etc
  5. Application CI/CD build scripts such as different build spec scripts for different AWS services like CodeBuild, Amplify etc

As we all know cyber security is nothing like a one time thing to do and forget about it. It requires continuous upgrades from time to time based on different security scenarios. Similar to that, cyber assets also need to be upgraded and monitored from time to time. It requires testing a lot with different test case scenarios. 

If you want to learn more about Cyber Asset development and management then I would highly recommend going through this white paper for further understanding on Cyber assets management.

Please let us know if you need any further information about developing and managing cyber assets for servereless development with AWS. Go through our articles on this same topic and more here.

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