SJ Innovation Partners With Hottest B2B Site Top Design Firms

Top Design Firms

At SJ Innovation, we believe that excellent communication makes every project successful. Don’t you just love working with an all-around team that’s 100% transparent and has clear processes? Located in the heart of New York City, our team has been creating innovative web solutions over the years. We’ve committed ourselves to become better and much more effective.

With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with the latest B2B site on the block, Top Design Firms!

Top Design Firms is brought together by the creators of Clutch, and it’s a new platform dedicated to showcasing the works of the top projects marketing, design, and development companies. The site is designed to help potential clients looking to find and connect with the right service providers from all over the world.

SJ Innovation was recently highlighted by Top Design Firms as one of the all-time best web development companies in New York City! Considering the platform’s high standards and criteria, this feature brings joy to our hearts.

Wondering how we got such high rankings on the site? Top Design Firms’ team processes each vendor’s impact based on their market position, client reviews, and case studies. For example, SJ Innovation has 22 5-star reviews on Clutch!

Take a peek at what our clients say about our team and solutions:

Image removed.“The team is very professional, punctual, and great at getting startups off the ground. I’ve worked with a lot of young developers previously and SJ Innovation is more professional in comparison.” 

— Founder,


Image removed.“They’re communicative and attentive to what needs to be done. The team answers all of our questions and makes sure that they do everything that’s expected of them. We always know what to expect from them and it’s nothing but great things.”

— E-Commerce Manager, Chemical Guys

Ready to take it up a notch and innovate with SJ Innovation? Reach out to our team if you want to know more about our services or get a free quote for your next project.

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