All About Laravel Middleware

About Laravel Middleware

How to give access to the user in a specific page depending on their role using laravel Middleware

MiddleWare in laravel work to check user role and give access to the users depending their role. I am writing this topics because when I was working on laravel user permission based access I faced difficulty and I spend much time for this. So here I will try to describe laravel middleware in a easy way as much as I can.

First let me describe the scenario that I am going to do in this tutorial. So it will be easy to understand.

CMS and Web Frameworks

CMS and Web Frameworks

Why to choose? What to choose? Which is the best?

Starting with WHY is one of my favorite practices. However I wanted to write an article from a totally different perspective.

First of all I want to make sure that developers and customers understand the difference between the terminology “CMS” and “Framework” nowadays.

CMS stands for…