List of 8 Qualities Required to Become a Good Software Tester

Qualities to Become a Good Software Tester

Now a days Software testing is becoming very important part of the companies. Because organisations now know how important software testing is for successful and popularity of the software. So companies are looking out for a bunch of good testers for their QA department to deliver quality product for customers. So below are the few qualities one should have to become good testers.

Tips for Effectively Reporting Bugs and Issues

How to report bug efficiently & effectively

The challenging task for a software tester is not only to find the bug but to investigate thoroughly and also report it effectively. For any bug fix to make it to production requires a very efficient and effective bug report which provide detail info about the bug and environment it is occurring, so it's easy for other team members to make a decision. The bug management tools play an important role but it's not enough to use just a tool to report bugs.

Why Manual Testing Can Never Be Replaced

Why Automation Testing Cannot Completely Replace Manual Testing

In this era of rapid development, we are in the fast pace of doing almost every job, at the same time everyone is worried about Quality. And it is the Quality Assurance team which makes sure that a quality product is delivered to its consumers.

In the phases of development of a product constitutes a testing phase in which the QA ensures that there is no bug in the product and product works as per requirements and gives the best performance and best user experience.