Testing HTML Emails

HTML E-mail Testing

In this article I will discuss about "Testing HTML Emails". But before jumping in testing of HTML emails, let us understand why we need to develop HTML Emails. As we all know that in our daily life we are sending plenty of emails to our clients, customers, companies, etc.

So why do we need to send emails? When we are sending emails our main objective and focus is to increase marketing of our products we build or services we provide. So for that marketing of the product is a must and the best approach is to implement Email Marketing.  

Benefits of Team Reading

Encouraging team reading in your team

Introducing reading is never easy when it comes to teams, you will find resistance from every team member for very valid reason such as boring, I can't relate to this topic etc; nowadays personalisation algorithms has been recommending stuff as per our needs and taste so my team must have been expecting me to provide tailored reading content for them which I wasn't able to deliver  deliver so I thought of changing the process deliver so I thought of changing the process.