The Major Differences Between QA vs QC and Everything Else in Between

The Major Differences Between QA vs QC and Everything Else in Between

To err is human but in the world of software development, the cost of a mistake can be too high. History calls back many unforgettable instances where software flaws went horribly wrong.

why qa is essential

Is Testing Vital? Reasons Why Quality Assurance is a Must in Software Development

These days, business and development cannot survive, or at least have an impactful presence on their audience, without going digital. However, to ensure your industrial or commercial setup runs smoothly, you need the right tools and technologies by your side and to do this, it’s imperative to have seamlessly running software. This is easier said than done.

 How Quality Assurance is Vital to Different Industries in 2022

How Quality Assurance is Vital to Different Industries in 2022

As the world is going digital, more companies and industries are warming up to the idea that Quality Assurance in IT is a must. After all, haven’t we all witnessed a website crash during the time of a big eCommerce sale? Or, say, for instance, couldn't experience a seamless step-by-step flow when filling out a form online?

Recognize Errors, Enhance Product Quality and Build User Confidence with Top Notch QA Services

Recognize Errors, Enhance Product Quality and Build User Confidence with Top Notch QA Services

Quality is an immensely essential factor for any company looking to compete in the world market. This especially holds gravitas in the world of technology that is making massive strides in innovation today. Without adequately focusing on improving the quality of a website or application, a company can lose its market shares to competitors that stand true to quality standards optimally. 


Testing HTML Emails

HTML E-mail Testing

In this article I will discuss about "Testing HTML Emails". But before jumping in testing of HTML emails, let us understand why we need to develop HTML Emails. As we all know that in our daily life we are sending plenty of emails to our clients, customers, companies, etc.

So why do we need to send emails? When we are sending emails our main objective and focus is to increase marketing of our products we build or services we provide. So for that marketing of the product is a must and the best approach is to implement Email Marketing.  

What are the Qualities Of A Good Tester


How did I get into testing? Well, long story short, was dragged into testing out of desperation for a job, does this sound familiar? It’s a tale of most in testing. When I joined as tester wasn’t aware of what is testing was? What was my role as a tester? I was assigned tasks and just did what I was instructed to do so. There was no test planning

Tips for Making the right career choice

Make the right career choice!

Choosing your first job out of college can seem like the most daunting task you’ve had to make since deciding which college to attend. This post is for newly passed out graduates who are either deciding where to apply/interview or have already received multiple offers and are deciding which to accept. And for those who haven't received any job opportunities,I know it can get a bit frustrating seeing your friends getting placed although its hard to admit that fact.

Benefits of Team Reading

Encouraging team reading in your team

Introducing reading is never easy when it comes to teams, you will find resistance from every team member for very valid reason such as boring, I can't relate to this topic etc; nowadays personalisation algorithms has been recommending stuff as per our needs and taste so my team must have been expecting me to provide tailored reading content for them which I wasn't able to deliver  deliver so I thought of changing the process deliver so I thought of changing the process.

List of 8 Qualities Required to Become a Good Software Tester

Qualities to Become a Good Software Tester

Now a days Software testing is becoming very important part of the companies. Because organisations now know how important software testing is for successful and popularity of the software. So companies are looking out for a bunch of good testers for their QA department to deliver quality product for customers. So below are the few qualities one should have to become good testers.

Tips for Effectively Reporting Bugs and Issues

How to report bug efficiently & effectively

The challenging task for a software tester is not only to find the bug but to investigate thoroughly and also report it effectively. For any bug fix to make it to production requires a very efficient and effective bug report which provide detail info about the bug and environment it is occurring, so it's easy for other team members to make a decision. The bug management tools play an important role but it's not enough to use just a tool to report bugs.