Tips for Motivating Remote Employees

4 Effective Strategies for Motivating Remote Employees

As more and more individuals opt for the idea of working remotely, employers are also embracing the same because of the benefits it avails. Most employees value flexible working hours, and that is why remote workers are increasing by the day.

Structured Onboarding Process for a Remote Team

Effective Onboarding Process for a Remote Team

Effective OnBoarding Process For A Remote Team

The onboarding process for remote employees joining a new company is very important. It has been proven that the impression employees have on their first week on the job will affect them throughout the whole year. SJ Innovation is a software development company with five locations, so most of our employees are remote. We have created a very effective on-boarding process for all of our employees so that we can maintain the same standards for all of them.  

Challenges Associated with Direct Outsourcing

Why Direct Outsourcing Doesn't Work

The global outsourcing market has declined lately, after peaking during the Great Recession. It had a total value of $88.9 billion in 2015, which was hardly any higher than the $87.5 billion recorded in 2008. Despite this, there are some markets where outsourcing continues to thrive, such as software development. If you look at nations such as India, China, Argentina, Romania, Ukraine, Bangladesh, there is a wealth of skilled and knowledgeable developers, who can offer cost-effective services without forcing you to compromise on the standard of work.