Drupal For Web Development

Drupal For Web Development

Drupal is one of the most powerful and popular CMS and eCommerce distributions. Its used for web portals, personal websites, eCommerce sites, directories, blogs, forums, businesses, social networks and more. Drupal allows organizations to grow their presence online in a secure and professional manner. Its a quite expansive with over 29,000 modules and thousands of different themes. There is also a large community of hobbyists and professional developers that can help customize websites for their clients.

Each year thousands of custom templates are built using Drupal. Professional developers and designers prefer it because there are endless options for customization. More than 2% of all the websites on the internet today run on Drupals back-end framework.

Why Use Drupal Over Other Content Management Systems?

Drupal is perfect for beginners and works great for small and modestly sized websites. The learning curve isnt quite as steep and its well suited for a number of uses. Users can create and manage complex websites without having any knowledge of coding. Drupal is the most popular CMS and one of the easiest to moderate. There are many benefits to be had using this powerful CMS including:

  • Easy customization of modules to create any type of functionality you want on your site like comments, push notifications, contact forms, animation and more.
  • Its open source, which means there is a robust and helpful community of users who can help you solve problems.
  • There are many free themes. One of the most popular uses for Drupal is building eCommerce websites. There are tons of free themes to use for this purpose.
  • Its highly customizable. Add functions, features, change the layout and design your site any way you wish. There are many professional developers that can help you customize your website.
  • Rapid deployment. With Drupal you can get a site up in a fraction of the time it would take to build it from the ground up. This saves time and money. Just like all of todays most popular frameworks, you get the site up first and then fine tune things after its launched.
  • Its world class software in terms of flexibility, security, maintenance, resources and reliability. Many of the worlds top organizations rely on the Drupal CMS to run their websites.
  • There extensive API support for Drupal. Its well documented and allows developers to use a multiplatform approach to web development.
  • Its great for marketing. Drupal is SEO friendly and is very compatible with search engine algorithms.
  • Its mobile friendly. There are more smartphones than there are people in the world today, and most of the world is connected to the internet from mobile devices at any given time. Drupal websites are responsive, meaning they function well on desktops as well as mobile devices.

SJ Innovation's Drupal Service
We are experts at utilizing the Drupal framework. Some of our clients have been using Drupal for over a decade. Many times it takes a seasoned developer to really get the most out of Drupal. This can save you money and build your web presence. There are only so many things that you can do from within the admin panel. We work extensively from the backend and server side of your site to optimize everything.

Deployment Challenges
Although Drupal has over 20,000 modules, most of them have limitations and customizing them takes time and technical knowledge. Some of them have bugs that need to be fixed to work with your template as well.
Another problem people run into when using modern CMS solutions like Drupal is using the admin panel. This is the most popular way for beginners to make changes on their site. From the admin panel you can create and manage your website content. When multiple developers are accessing content at the same time there can be problems. This can cause database to overwrites and get real messy.

A more efficient way to manage teams and access is to use Drupals beanstalk/GIT repository. You can manage and deploy code from anywhere with this module. We work strictly through the backend by utilizing beanstalk.

Our Drupal services include:

  • Website Maintenance
  • Upgrade to Drupal 7
  • Module customization
  • Theme Customization
  • Responsive theme
  • Manage Multi Vendor
  • Drupal Commerce, Ubercart
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