Make the right career choice!

Tips for Making the right career choice

Choosing your first job out of college can seem like the most daunting task you’ve had to make since deciding which college to attend. This post is for newly passed out graduates who are either deciding where to apply/interview or have already received multiple offers and are deciding which to accept. And for those who haven't received any job opportunities,I know it can get a bit frustrating seeing your friends getting placed although its hard to admit that fact. These are the times you feel low about yourself and question about your capabilities but do not worry as you will definitely shine at some point in life.You just have to be patient and keep trying harder. Confidence and faith in oneself is the key.

I graduated in May 2017 and started working at SJ Innovation in October 2017, a software company comprising of less than 150 people in Goa with Headquarters in New York City. After my first six months as a Software Testing engineer, I hope that sharing my experience can help.

First of all, size matters.

Choosing between a big technology corporation and a smaller startup can be difficult. The larger, well-known powers can seem more attractive in the tech space: they have longer lines at your local career fair, they are recognizable names that will impress your friends, and perhaps they even pay better and provide a nice training program. On the other side, startups tend to be more challenging and can be a real self booster when it comes to enhancing your skills. The pay may not be as high as you expect but remember that this is the initial phase of your Corporate life where your work experience will be helpful in the longer run than your current salary.

At a company, like SJ Innovation, I was given an unique opportunity and lots of responsibility from day one. Within a months time, I started writing test cases for projects, managed to learn many tools which I was not even aware of till joined the company, started performing various types of manual testing techniques. Even got an opportunity to get my hands on Automation testing, managed to learn Node.js and framework like Nightwatch.js with Selenium by the end of my 6 months work experience . No doubt mistakes were made initially but because of the company’s focus on employee happiness and co-workers patience, I was able to take responsibility and learn from my mistakes.

For me, there is no better way to learn then by implementing and that is exactly how my experience at SJ Innovation has been. I hope this article helps the newly emerging freshers to decide with their career choices.

Anuj Azrenkar
Anuj Azrenkar
QA Engineer
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