The Ideal Time to Start QA for your Next Big Project!

The Ideal Time to Start QA for your Next Big Project!

The entire purpose of software development is to establish a logical process to create programmed software. 

It’s an opportunity to bring an application or platform into the market to meet unique business or personal requirements.

Either something that can contribute towards making a change in operational status or provide the necessary peak in the optimization of processes. So that the business can experience better outcomes.

This is possible when two things take place during the software development procedure:

  • The product gets high-quality code writing
  • It is free from any flaws to assure seamless operation

That’s where software quality assurance services come into the picture! They help make the product flawless by identifying bugs. As a result, web developers are able to provide the best products. A product or platform that is free from any bugs and errors thanks to the project-designated UAT Tester offers peace of mind. 

But when should QA testing start in a project? That’s the most crucial aspect to keep in mind.

QA testing should start in a project as early as possible. The most suitable phase is right after the FRD (Functional Requirements Document) is ready. This way the project will have the best potential to reach customer quality expectations. 

We know you will need more information about this. So let’s dive in. 


Start Quality Assurance at the Beginning of a Project

quality assurance

An expert UAT Tester will almost always recommend starting the QA process at the very beginning of a project. 

This is because planning for a project takes place mostly during the starting phase. And having the QA process from the very beginning will allow testers to simultaneously track issues along with the main team running the project.

From that point of view, it seems QA helps different teams to maintain project-focused communication. By sharing the errors and bugs from an early stage, team members will be able to better understand each other’s working capabilities along with their inabilities.

Overall, it seeds a great scope to level up the entire testing environment as well as the project’s main procedures.

The testing phase should come right after writing, reviewing, and approval of the test plans. Some experts believe that conducting tests from the definition stage of a project holds much more value to generate expected outcomes.

Starting tests from the definition stage can have multiple benefits over the traditional testing style that usually takes place after the execution stage.

And it’s not hard to understand why. Because no matter how many careful steps were taken during the execution, if the definition is not high quality the results will be disappointing. This is also why project piloting is so important.


Starting QA Early Will Help in So Many Ways, Here Are the Most Notable Advantages

Helps To Cut Down Overall Cost & Effort

qa cut down costs

It is a priority for businesses to make sure a project moves forward productively and slacking is kept to a minimum. Making the best out of the development procedure without wasting any time will cut down on cost and effort for sure!

Performing software quality assurance services earlier in a project supports this idea completely. The QA analyst or UAT tester in charge needs to go through the requirements and then produce test scripts before the actual testing is complete.

But that’s still far better than having to conduct QA after the completion of the development phase. After all, it means there will be more bugs to fix and additional steps to take. 

This would hardly happen if the expert team in charge set the testing foundation with the development process parallelly.


Better Scope at Selecting the Right Test Types & Procedure

qa has better scope

You should involve a UAT Tester as soon as possible because that way the QA team will be able to have initial discussions for recognizing what requires testing and selecting test types as well as manners accordingly. 

This is also going to help the QA team understand the possibility of impacts on systems as well as things that have testability.


Better Allocation & Use of Resource

qa has better allocation

One important plan to make is about resources. And this includes deciding:

  • Which personnel or team will have a better hand for expected results?
  • What tools are necessary for the testing of the specific project?

If the QA team has information on testing at an early stage, they can allocate resources better and quickly. Or else, resource allocation will end up taking plenty of additional time by the end of development.

Something that can unnecessarily delay the project launch. Eventually, this is going to needlessly increase the whole expenditure of the particular project. 


More Flexibility of Active Thinking

qa has more flexibility

Insights that QA analysts get after planning for the test are extremely helpful for the developers. Naturally, these insights are not realized by developers who have different focuses on the project. 

And that’s why the preemptive guidance QA analysts provide can prove to save the project from possible pitfalls that developers are not normally able to identify. 


Discovering Bugs Sooner to Fix Faster

qa discovers bugs sooner

One of the biggest benefits of getting software quality assurance services early is that a project will get enough time to fix bugs without hampering the timely launch.

Let’s say, the project’s code has some deeply implanted defects, which are not easy to discover. Typically, these faults won’t come to light until the very end of the project, the set time for tests to take place.

These errors may continuously pile up throughout the construction of the project until it is roughly ready for the tests and then the launch. 

In such cases, depending on the quantity of these bugs, the testing team will need additional time to encounter these errors and also to decide the necessary steps for resolving them. As a result, the entire project will stay stuck, and it won’t be able to launch before settling all the problems.

However, if the tests take place along with the project from the very beginning, detecting hard-to-find bugs will be possible in a premature phase when the project is still under construction.

As a result, resolving will take place along with the development, not by the end. Eventually, allowing enough time for handling the bugs without causing any disturbance to the likely launch plan.


The Right Implementation of Quality Assurance Is Just as Important as the Right Timing

Without a proper approach to conduct the implementation of QA, there’s no use in debating over when it’s the right time to start testing.

Do you know what is the first stage of QA?

The first stage of QA is all about recognizing the need of the customer so that essential elements for the entire process are set accordingly.

QA focuses on potential expectations of a particular product and tests capabilities against it. One of the main goals of QA is to make sure the project responds to the needs of customers.

Needless to say, QA plays a vital role for businesses that aim to stand upon their customers’ expectations. It also shows that the company cares about assuring the quality of its service/product.

Now keep in mind, this is far from happening if the implementation of QA itself is low quality. A company getting QA services must make sure an expert team is handling the responsibility.

So, finding an expert UAT tester and relying only on a certified software quality assurance services provider is inevitable.

There are several ways to ensure the proper implementation of quality assurance. Ensuring the product is capable of providing customer expectations is just one of those.

Also, the entire implementation must go through regular refinement as well as enhancement, something a QA expert can help you with.

SJ Innovation provides Software quality assurance services with certified QA engineers and a UAT Tester team. Get complete assistance for successful development and enhanced post-production facilities before your next big product release.

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